Can Ecodesign methods be integrated in CAD systems? How can LCA results be communicated and visualized in a CAD environment? What are the requirements for a broad variety of designers and users? These questions were addressed through a project conducted together with Dassault Systemes and Prof. Charles Pezeshki, the Dassault Systemes Ecodesign fellow from Washington State University.

To address as many different users as possible, it was necessary to undertsand how Ecodesign is practiced among different disciplines. This insight helped to understand the needs and desires of the Ecodesign community.  Based on these experiences, a concept for bringing Ecodesign methods into CAD was proposed to Dassault Systemes. The figure above shows a proposal for the communication of LCA results in CAD – The office chair was analyzed in a previous project with Steelcase.


The project was funded by Dassault Systemes 3DS.

Further information

You can read more about the theoretical background and results of this project in the following papers and publications:

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