Welcome to my personal website where you can read about the activities I am involved in. Feel free to explore the projects I was working in through my career, or read some of my publications which mainly deal with ecodesign, sustainability and creativity topics. If you are interested to join one of my lectures, you can explore the lectures section to find out when and where the next lecture is.

Latest news

  • Seminar on Creativity Engineering II 2018 was held at Andishe Parisan Institute, Tehran Iran, in August 2018. More information can be found here (external link).
  • New book tentatively entitled “Exercising Creativity 2018 “ will be published soon. It will include the content and project summaries of the Summer School on Creativity Engineering 2018 at La Sabana University, Colombia.
  • Fabio Palvelli, former student of my lecture “Creativity Engineering” at Vienna University of Technology talks about “How to be an innovative designer” in his new youtube video.  He quotes some contents of the lecture – read more here…
  • The newspaper Schwarzwaelder Bote brought an article on November 24th 2017 about my new book “Understanding creativity – How your mind creates new ideas” – read more here….