Summer School on Innovative and Sustainable Transportation in Germany 2023, Germany

The Summer School on Innovative and Sustainable Transportation in Germany was held together with FH Münster with extensive excursions and company visits in Bremen (Mercedes Benz factory), Hamburg (Airbus company), Berlin and Münster. The excursion was accompanied with lectures spinning around sustainability, city structures and innovation – all in the context of mobility and mobility technologies.

Summer School on Creativity Engineering 2018, La Sabana University, Colombia

After being successfully held at Vienna University of Technology in 2011, 2012 and 2014, the Summer School on Creativity Engineering 2018 took place from June 5th – June 9th 2018 at La Sabana University in Bogotá, Colombia. More than 20 highly motivated students too part to experience a great week full of new insights into the concept of creativity and to develop and work on their own project ideas. The project summaries will be printed in a book which will be published by the university until the end of the year.

Seminar on Creativity Engineering 2018, University of Tehran, Iran

The seminar on Creativity Engineering 2018 at University of Tehran (Iran) was held from April 28th – 30th at the university´s Alborz Campus. The focus of the seminar was exploring mental models and understanding strategies to overcome those solid models for being able to be creative. Students from various disciplines and young professionals were joining the seminar. Along deep and fruitful discussions, interesting ideas were developed for a real engineering project in the automotive sector.

How to be an innovative designer

Fabio Palvelli,  a creative architect, enigneer, internet entrepreneur and former student of my lecture “Creativity Engineering” at Vienna University of Technology  talks about “How to be an innovative designer” – He refers to some of the content of the lecture in his video.

Fabio admits that the lecture had a considerable impact on his career and the ideas he is following. Indeed, his career track is impressive: he is an architect and engineer, lecturer at many different universities around the world and co-founder of the d2 conference in Vienna, the biggest conference related omputer graphics in the field of architecture. Watch the video on youtube – click here.

Newspaper “Schwarzwaelder Bote” publishes article about my new book

The newspaper “Schwarzwaelder Bote” published an article on 24.11.2017 about my new book “Understanding creativity – How your mind creates new ideas”. The newspaper has a daily run of approx. 45.000 pieces a day. It covers the rural district of Calw which has an area of 798 square kilometers and some 156.000 inhabitants.

You can read the complete article here (in German only).

Paperback version of my new book out now

After releasing the ebook version earlier this year, the paperback version of my new book “Understanding creativity – How your mind creates new ideas” has just been released on 13.11.2017- ISBN: 978-1-97792-519-0. It is available through and Amazon Europe. The authors are working on having it available through more distribution channels in the next weeks.

New eBook out: “Understanding Creativity – How your mind creates new ideas”

My new book “Understanding Creativity  – How your mind creates new ideas” is out now – ISBN: 978-3-96028-825-1

The book has been written together with my friend and colleague Daniel Collado-Ruiz with guest sections from Jutta Jerlich and Claudia Umanzor.

It is also available as eBook and is available through Amazon.

Seminar Week 2016, Washington State University, USA

The seminar week took place from October 3rd-7th at The Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA. I gave several lectures for engineering students about real life engineering challenges in the automotive industry in Germany. I was also invited by Idaho State University in Moscow, Idaho, USA.  At both universities I had te opportunity to meet the Student Formula 1 Competition teams and exchange some topics on project management. At Idaho State I also met the Clean Snowmobile Competition team and had some talks about challenges in engineering projects.

The trip was accompanied by a visit at Kenworth Truck Company, Bellevue and Boeing Company in Everett – both near Seattle. I had a private tour at Kenworth, visiting the assembly facilities and having some discussions on the differences between truck and passenger car assembly. At Boeing, I also enjoyed a private tour accompanied by discussions on the topic of social engineering and the challenges in managing external suppliers and partners.

Week of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2016, La Sabana University, Colombia

The Week of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2016 took place at La Sabana University in Bogotá, Colombia from May 9th – 13th 2016. I had several talks and workshops about creativity and innovation held to undergraduate and master students as well as to the alumni of La Sabana. The week was accompanied by a fare, where students presented their innovative projects conducted through the semster. Different judges could evaluate the projects in regard to degree of innovation, sustainability and whether the project could be realized. The closing ceremony included a prize for the best ideas and financial support for further project development.

Ferchau Engineering Day 2015, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Ferchau Engineering Day 2015 was held on 27.11.2015 at Vienna University of Technology. This event was organized in the scope of my lecture Creativity Engineering for the second time, after initiating this event in 2014 together with Ferchau Engineering Austria. This year’s invited guest speakers were Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Hofer,  senior engineer environment & materials from Magna Steyr Engineering AG & Co KG and Ing. Kristian Vuksan, head of innovation management from Hella Automotive Lightning Austria.

Mr. Hofer’s talk entitled “Ecodesign and Protection of the Environment as an Important Driver for Innovation in the Automotive Sector”.

Mr. Vuksan talked about “The Future of Innovative Lightning in Off Highway Applications”.

The Ferchau Engineering Day event aims at inviting engineers and managers from industry involed in innovation management, research and development to share their experiences with students and academia. The event is organized by me and Ferchau Engineering Austria and is held once a year at the Vienna University of Technology. The event is open for everyone interested. Participation is free of charge.

Daimler company visit 2015, Germany

Daimler company visit with my students from the Baden Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart (DHBW Stuttgart) took place on 02.06.2015. With the help of some managers from Daimler, who organized the visit, we were able to see the production facilities of gearbox and axle legs. These parts are produced at Daimler’s site in Mettingen, Stuttgart. It was indeed impressive to see welding robots in action, huge punching machines and presses at work.

Ferchau Engineering Day 2014, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

How do creative ideas become innovative products? This question was discussed in the scope of the Ferchau Engineering Day 2014, which was held for the first time on 28.11.2014 at Vienna University of Technology.  Initiated by me (in the scope of my Creativity Engineering lecture) and Ferchau Austria, guest speakers from industry were invited to talk about their daily challenges to implement new ideas. We were happy to have Dipl.- Ing. Foroughi, team leader at Siemens AG and Mr. Ronacher, innvation manager at Rosenbauer, as guest speakers.

Dipl.- Ing. Foroughi talked about “Challenges in the Innovation Chain to Reach the Most Efficient Gas– fired Power Plant in the World”.

Mr. Ronacher’s talk was entitled “Innovations Management at Rosenbauer”.

The event will take place once a year and is free for public.

EcoSD Workshop 2014, EcoSD, France

In March 2014 I was invited to present my Fuon-theory together with my colleague Collado-Ruiz at the EcoSD workshop in Nantes, France. EcoSD Network is a French association which main objective is to encourage collaboration between academic and industrial researchers in order to create and spread advanced knowledge in the eco-design fields. This initiative ambitiones to help a global sustainable development process on national and international levels (visit EcoSD website for more information – click here).

The focus of the 2014 workshop was to construct a common frame for functions/ utilites/ usages of every product with eco-design objectives.