PDM systems (PDM stands for Product Data Management) for CAD file management are widely established in design processes. The management system is indispensable for design collaboration or when design task distribution is present. With the raise of sustainability aspects in industry, environmental concerns are becoming a key issue in design. PDM-UP! builds upon a previous project by the VUT where a PDM system was set up in technical schools in Austria in order to facilitate design collaboration.

The focus in the project PDM-UP!  (UP in German for Umweltgerechte Produktentwicklung – in English: environmental friendly product development) conducted at the Vienna University of Technology (VUT), Institute for Engineering Design. was to facilitate environmental evaluation of parts, components and subassemblies of products designed in CAD. By integrating a Business Intelligence solution in PDM, environmental Life Cycle Assessment and communication of results was enabled through the system.


The project is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research in the scope of the Sparkling Science research program.

Further information

You can read more about the results and experiences gained in this project in the following papers:

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