The target group for this web-based game are schools and youth, but it is also fun for adults to play. It was developed with the aim to raise awareness about sustainability issued in our daily life. Through this project, the game concept and method were developed and a prototype was released. The prototype was then tested in the cooperating schools. The game is conceptualized as a multi-user game where each player has an avatar and an island with limited resources (resources are assigned by chance). In order to survive, resources have to be transformed to products and can be traded to get other products from the other players (food, clothes, products for leisure time, etc…). The challenge is to raise environmental, economical and social quality of the island as well as the whole game world. The higher the quality of the island, the higher scores for the player.

In the background, a simulation is conducted to calculate the effects of each decision of each participant (the prototype is not real time yet). The simulation uses real economic and LCA data and adapts the game environment to the outcomes of the simulation analysis.


The project was funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

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