Lectures on Creativity Engineering are held annually during the winter semester each year at the Vienna University of Technology (VUT). The lecture is credited with 3 ECTS. Teaching language is English.

Aim of the course is transmitting professional skills (soft skills) for responsible, creative and active engineers (communication, team spirit, leadership, responsibility).

The lecture addresses three aspects of creativity:

  1. Creativity in individuals: Influence of intelligence, personality and perception on creativity – Definition of creativity, methods to unfold creativity
  2. Creativity in teams: Team performance (What is a team? How can geographically distributed, intercultural and interdisciplinary teams work efficiently?) – Idea generation in teams, how do creativity techniques work and can a team make use of them?
  3. Creativity in Organizations: From a creative idea to innovation – how can a creative idea be implemented successfully? How can an idea be marketed?

Participants of the lecture will learn about human traits in creativity and the role of intelligence, personality and perception in creativity. Students usually work in interdisciplinary and multicultural groups to explore a topic related to creativity. The course is open for students from all backgrounds.

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